Art Of The Title: Fight Club

Most fanatics already know that David Fincher decided to spend just under one million dollars on a single shot in FIGHT CLUB: The film's amygdalic eye-candy brain thrill-ride. You better be a believer in the magic of the title sequence if you throw that kind of money at it. But with THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, PANIC ROOM and mostly the iconic SE7EN to his credit it is obvious that Fincher knew what he was doing all along...

The lovely folks over at finally — after duly honoring Se7en, The Game, Panic Room, and Alien³ — swung around to dedicating an article to Fincher's cult-classic, picking, literally, the brains of the creatives behind the scenes.

So here you go:

Here's the rest of 'em... well as Artofthetitle's original "David Fincher: A Film Title Retrospective", that you've seen before but must watch and read again, because it has all that Fincher greatness in one place.

Are you not entertained?

Se7en-Bit Cinema

Should I care to mention this contains every spoiler possible...?


"David Fincher: Interviews" is now on sale, and as a nice little companion piece, here's another interview with the book's editor, Laurence Knapp, shedding light on what you can learn from interviews in general, and the advantage an interview book has over an artist's biography. — Uhm, you also learn why is possibly the best website in the universe ever... (Thanks very much for the kind words.)

Comic Con: Fight Club Q&A

Thanks to Daryl for this and his many other fantastic finds!

I Wrote Fight Cub

Come on, you know I did! That *I* of course is Chuck Palahnniuk with an extra "n" for some inexplicable reason, and here's the snapshot to prove it. Looks like there was fun to be had at yesterday's Comic Con. And if you follow the link below, there are a few first impressions... and you know what they say about first impressions...